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Umbilo, Durban – 4000 

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  1. Equitable Quality Education for Blind and partially sighted people
    • To advocate, promote and provide equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for blind and partially sighted people at all levels.

  2. Health and HIV/AIDS
    • To advocate for integration of disability related issues into health and HIV/AIDS services and programs ensuring increased access to quality health services by blind and partially sighted people.
    • To promote and implement prevention and early identification of blindness.

  3. Training and Skills Development
    • To initiate and implement training and skills development initiatives that would contribute towards the improvement of daily living skills, imparting technical capabilities and capacities and development of entrepreneurial skills amongst blind and partially sighted people.

  4. Economic Empowerment
    • To initiate and implement economic empowerment strategies that ensures realisation of full and productive employment, decent work and eradication of all forms of poverty amongst blind and partially sighted people.

  5. Disability Awareness and Transformation Program
    • To increase awareness through sensitization and capacity building of Government Departments, Development partners, Civil Society Organisations, Private Sector and the media enabling them to develop and implement programs that address issues of concern to blind and partially sighted people
    • To strengthen and establish new partnership, alliances and networks in order to have a stronger influence on development, implementation and monitoring of policies, legislation and programmes.
    • To generate and utilise knowledge, evidence and data from research studies and surveys for purposes of documentation, shared learning, disability programming, monitoring and evaluation.

  6. Gender Equality
    • To advocate and support the realization of gender equality, empowerment and increased awareness of blind and partially sighted women and girls on their legal rights as provided in the different international and national gender based human rights instruments.

  7. Youth and Children
    • Advocate for new, and strengthen existing, programs that aim to enhance the rights of Children and Youth with Disabilities and enable them to lead full and active lives in their communities.

  8. Social Development Program
    • To initiate and provide protection, care and support services within communities and institutions that will ensure independent living of all blind and partially sighted people.

  9. Institutional Capacity Building and economic sustainability
    • To initiate and implement Business strategies for growth and sustainability of the organisation
    • To transform KZNSB into a robust organisation with resources and systems to enable the delivery of its mandate and be an effective player alongside other stakeholders on disability work in South Africa and within the KwaZulu-Natal Province.
    • To strengthen governance, administration (secretariat) and deepen accountability to deliver quality impactful programs.

KZN Society for the Blind

194 Umbilo Road, Umbilo
Durban – 4000
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