194 Umbilo Road 

Umbilo, Durban – 4000 

+27 31 202 7277

Our Principles

The overarching principles underlining the work of KZN - SB are:

Disability - The KZN - SB was formed to facilitate the inclusion of disability rights at various levels in Kwazulu - Natal.  Its mandate is premised on the human rights and social model of disability, which is an inclusive and comprehensive approach to disability rights where the focus is no longer just on the individual but on the environment and the interaction thereof. This is supported by various (international) instruments on disability that promote equal opportunities for persons with disabilities in society.

Development - Recognising that persons with disabilities are among the most marginalised in society and considering that many institutions and systems in society have not factored in their needs, KZN-SB finds it imperative to work towards more sustainable solutions that alleviate the situations of persons with disabilities.

Human Rights - A third pillar to the work of KZN-SB is human rights – the basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled. KZNB-SB was founded upon the National and Provincial response to efforts related to inclusive development and mainstreaming of disability work in all sector strategies. This approach is well enshrined in various international, regional and National human rights instruments including the UN Convention on the Rights for Persons with Disability, Sustainable Development Goals and the National Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. KZN-SB’s work is about promoting realisation of specific disability rights and ensuring effective enjoyment of all human rights without discrimination of people with disabilities in Kwazulu-Natal.

Objectives of the Organisation

  1. Improve Health and Reduce the Impact of HIV&AIDS on blind and partial sighted people.
  2. Improve livelihoods for blind and partial sighted through providing business development skills and exposing them to economic empowerment opportunities.
  3. Improve access to quality rehabilitation services for the blind and partial sighted.
  4. Improve community and organizational capacity to advocate for human rights of blind and partially sighted.
  5. Improve Organizational Effectiveness and sustainability.

KZN Society for the Blind

194 Umbilo Road, Umbilo
Durban – 4000
Phone: +27 31 202 7277

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